Tairu Privacy Policy        

There's not a lot to say. This is a simple little game and it specifically avoids gathering any info about you in the first place. It doesn't ask for your real name, nor your email address or any other personal information. It should be completely safe.

However, Google requires a privacy policy for any game requesting certain permissions. In fact, this game makes no such permission requests. But the game was built to be compatible with extremely old versions of android, and apparently android automatically made those permission requests for all apps, back then.

This game uses the normal 'preferences' system to store your high scores, but does not otherwise use your USB storage. Apparently the game has access to some form of phone ID, but does not actually use it for anything.

Eventually, I will probably look into re-building this game for newer devices and these false permissions will go away (I did a test build and that is exactly what happened... but it also broke the game in small ways (font sizes and such) so I don't want to make that change today.) Hence this otherwise unnecessary privacy policy.

Enjoy your day on this planet