Synthetic Reality
VISION TEST (Blind Spot Locator)
    WHAT IS IT?  
back   This is a simple eye test program, the purpose of which is to map out blind/blurry spots on your retinas.  
    At present, the program is too simple to deserve an installer, so just download the EXE, and stick it in the folder of your choice.


Double-click it to run it.

    Basically just push the button to test the eye you like (the test is the same, you just cover the opposite eye.)

Get comfortable since you will need to hold your head in the same position for the duration of the test. Make sure the test area fills enough of your vision to cover the area you want to test.

There is no time pressure, take as long as you like, stop when you have had enough.

There is always a single test square blinking on the screen. Make sure to stare at the center point of the test area (so the blinking test square will usually be way off to the side of your vision). You can look around as you like (without moving your head), so long as you are staring at the white center dot when you decide your 'vote' on the blinking test square.

Ask yourself "am I completely happy with how that test square appears?" and if you are, then click the LEFT mouse button, and that square will be marked green on the results panel.

But if you are dissatisfied with the square, press the RIGHT mouse button and it will be broken into 4 sub squares to be tested individually.

This process continues with smaller and smaller squares until you give up (it would take about 50K steps to test every pixel)

Note: you might be happy with a test square, even if you can't perceive it clearly, because you just don't expect to see all that well in your peripheral vision. You should hold squares to a higher standard, the closer they are to the center of your vision.

    The miracle of the brain is that it will put together the illusion of a seamless image out of a lot of little bits of reality. It's used to dealing with missing or defective data. Hence if I stare at just a white screen, my brain filters out the defects.

But if I blink my eyes, I see them return for a few milliseconds. That's my experience and may not match yours. Personal experiment found that blinking between a light purple and black, at about 150ms led to the highest contrast for me.

Still not perfect, but 'pretty good' (for me).

    I am not a doctor. If you are worried about your vision, please go see a real doctor. I wrote this tool purely out of personal interest. I put it here on the off chance that someone else might find it interesting/useful.

THIS PROGRAM BLINKS A LOT, so you are advised to avoid it if that would cause a problem for you.

At the end of the day, you must decide when this program stops being fun and starts being painful. If you find it unpleasant, then you probably should not use it. I don't see how it could hurt you any more than watching television, but you are in the best position to judge when to stop.

    To some degree, this program grew out of my passive aggressive reaction to the company GlaxoSmithKline, whose drug, Avandia (tm), has led to my own retinal issues. (Or so I claim, please google "Avandia Lawsuit" for more information).

I am not litigious myself, but I am pretty hopping upset with them over this. I'm not too pleased with my doctor, either, to tell the truth. My advice is to do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions before blindly accepting any drug prescription.


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