Rocket Club
  Rocket Club is a multi-player, on-line, real-time, team and tournament-based, multi-terrain/space action/adventure/strategy game/simulation... with RPG elements and an extensible open-ended design for player customizations. (yep, another one of those!).
  It is currently in Vaporware Mode, but you are welcome to try it.
  What's Working:
  • Galactic Hub provides multiplayer connections.
  • Simple flight modes from Interstellar to Pedestrian
  • Fractal Universe of 2 billion stars
  • Ability to add new content to the universe

See the Forum for the Design Notes and The Metaphor (tm) and you MUST HAVE Microsoft DirectX 9c or later to play Rocket Club. You also need the Microsoft VC2005 DLLs.

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