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Synthetic Reality

Your character has deep pockets

In fact, you can carry an unrealistically large amount of equipment with you. But that's why you're called a hero. Your character can also fill his or her brain with an astounding number of spell incantations.

A key part of any world will be having access to the right item or spell for a given situation. Also, players just plain like to collect and trade items, so variety is the spice of life.

It's up to you, however, if you choose to have a large number of objects all pretty similar, or a smaller quantity with more distinct flavors.


These are all defined in your world's ITEMS table (usually saved in a file called items.txt which you can edit with the /q editor, or with the /props command for a slightly more user-friendly editor)

By now you're getting the hang of checking out the evergreen version of the file and reading through the comments. I advise that again here. But the basics remain the same, each item must have a unique item number. And each item gets one row in the table. The table has many many columns, each of which control one or more aspects of the item.

Some particularly important columns are:

  • Item Id (use 1-5119) Each item needs a DIFFERENT id.
  • Item Name
  • Item Class (potion, shield, etc.)
  • GP (how much it costs to buy one, or if you can buy them)
  • Attack Points (character attack is improved when equipped)
  • Defense Pts (character defense is improved when equipped)
  • Hit Pts (character health is restored when potion is consumed)
  • Magic Pts (character MP is restored when potion is consumed)

Plus many others which control what the item looks like in menus and in use, how it moves about the screen, what sorts of special effects occur when it is used, who has the ability to use it, etc. These details are all in the Evergreen items.txt comments.

The item class controls how an item may be used. For example, only the potion class may be 'consumed' by the player, and only the 7 equipment slot classes can be 'equipped' by the player. Other special classes exist for items which teleport the player, open web pages, etc.

Weapons and Armor (Equipment)

Some items are also 'equipment' in that your character may equip them as one of the seven equipment slots: Helmet, Shield, Armor, Sword, Boots, Ring, or Amulet.

You control which slot by setting the Item Class


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