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DomiNation is one of the toys which can be played in Arcadia. It is a multiplayer Turns-based Strategy board game for up to eight players. If you've ever played Risk(tm) before, this might seem familiar.

To get DomiNation, install Arcadia and then Fetch Toys

How To Play:

DomiNation is a turns-based world domination game for up to 8 players. One player is the moderator (and can seat as many robots as desired in the case of insufficient human players).

Before the game begins, the moderator picks the map and any subrules to affect that instance of the game. If the moderator leaves in mid-game, any remaining player can assume moderator-hood and continue the game (barring disaster!).

Players who wish to join the game should double-click on an empty seat in the DomiNators List. (You may also right-click in this list for various options).

Only one instance of the game can be played on a single MIX server, but other people on the server can watch the game in progress.

The game begins when the moderator launches it, and no new players may enter the game after it begins. However, the moderator may replace existing players with either bots or other humans. If you leave the game, you will automatically be replaced by a bot.

The game map consists of a large number of Nations. Each nation has a common border with one or more other nations (and battles are only fought along these borders).

First, we must populate the the nations with army units. Each player starts off with an equal number of nations under his or her control (to the degree that the number of players divides evenly into the number of nations)


  • Each player is given N starting units (where N = (3 * # of nations)/# of players)
  • These starting units are all equally powerful (veteran status determined later)
  • Player to move first is chosen randomly. Turns are then taken 'clockwise' through the "DomiNators" list (A green arrow points at the player whose turn it is).
  • Players take turns adding one unit at a time to an as-yet-unoccupied nation on the map.
  • Once all nations are occupied, players continue adding one piece at a time to regions they already control. No region can have armies from more than one player on it.
  • Once the last starting unit has been placed on the map, the first player begins his or her first 'turn'


  • Each player gets a complete turn before the next player gets to go. A player turn consists of:
  • Getting new units (based on # regions controlled, and maybe # of continents controlled, but no less than 3).
  • Placing new units (into any region already under their control). Be careful where you click, as there is no "un-do." The moderator may have selected a maximum number of units per nation.
  • Attacking as many times as they like until they grow bored of it, or no longer qualify to attack anything.
  • Fortifying at most one nation by moving any number of units from a nation to a bordering nation (both under their control).

At least one unit must remain on each controlled region.

  • Then it becomes the next player's turn.

All nations of the map are controlled (have at least one unit on them) during the entire game, and the game ends when they are all controlled by one player

(other game over conditions might be possible by changing the sub-rules.)

III. Battles

* Attacks are declared as coming from one nation and attacking one other, bordering, nation. You must have at least two units in the attacking nation (since at least one of them will need to move into the newly conquered nation, and at least one will need to stay in the old attacking nation)


1.) click on attacker nation (controlled by your own forces). If you change your mind, right-click to deselect the current attacker and then left-click on your preferred attacker.

2.) click on victim nation (controlled by some other player, and adjacent/common border to the attacker region). This click cannot be un-done, and begins the battle.

  • Battle outcome is random, with the attacker and defender each rolling a six-sided die (options may appear). Ties go to the defender. Each battle is thus either won or lost, and the loser will lose one unit from the board.
  • If after some number of battles a nation becomes empty, the attacker must move at least one unit into the conquered territory.
  • The player may attack repeatedly in an effort to conquer a territory, or may decide to give up after any battle.
  • The player may battle on as many fronts as they wish until they are ready to end their turn (or until they have no remaining regions with the ability to attack).

IV. Fortifying

When a player tires of attacking, they press the ATTACK DONE button to indicate they are ready to fortify.

To fortify, you click on a supplying nation to pick up one or more units. Then you click on the nation to be fortified to place those units.

You may right-click to drop excess units from your hand before placing them. The moderator may imposed a limit on the maximum number of units per fortify.

You may only fortify from a bordering nation, both must be under your control, and you must leave at leasy one unit behind in the supplying nation.

When you are done fortifying, press the FORTIFY DONE button. This hands the turn to the next player.

V. Robot Players ('bots)

The moderator may choose to fill any of the eight seats with robot players (by right-clicking on the seat and selecting a bot from the menu)

Currently, 10 bots are available, with each bot having a different personality. At the top of the menu is Bot Pax, who is a good neighbor and seldom attacks. At the bottom is Bot Rex, who is feisty and belligerent and will attack at almost any opportunity.

VI. Tool Tips & Miscellaneous Goodies

  • When it is your turn, helpful little tool tips will appear when you point at things in the main window. Read these carefully if you are not sure what to do next.
  • If you hear an alarm clock sound, you might have forgotten to push one of your DONE buttons to hand the turn to the next player.
  • Right-Clicking on a name in the "DomiNators" list will bring up a menu with various useful commands. One of these is the Stats Panel. This panel lets you investigate just how lucky your fellow players have been. Once you have it open, you may simply click in the DomiNators list to switch to a different player's statistics.
  • There is a command to Abort Game in the right-click menu (available to the moderator only)
  • Should there be no moderator, Arcadia allows you to assume moderator-ship by right-clicking on your own name in the Arcadia Players List. As the moderator, you may also use that menu to hand moderator-ship to another player.
  • There must be a moderator, or the game will pause until there is one. Oddly enough, the moderator need not be an actual player in the game, though it is anticipated that they will be.
  • The nation names are generated randomly, for variety and humour. But on occasion a name may resemble a foul word. This is unintentional. Please get your mind out of the gutter :-)
  • If the moderator enabled NUKEs then you will occasionally discover a county is nuclear-equipped when you capture it. Nuclear weapons wipe out the entire population of their target country. They are evil.

Toy Status:

The basic state and animation engines were developed in a marathon 3 day programming session (40 hours) and I admit to being somewhat proud of their robustness.

While not dripping with features, this is a fully-funtional multiplayer and/or solo game. I hope you enjoy it.

Recent Developments:

The project now enters that phase where the cramming in of additional functionality destroys the purity of those engines.

To Install Toys:

  1. Run Arcadia
  2. Select your 'channel'
  3. Push the "Check for New Toys" button
  4. Follow Instructions.
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